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Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

$40.00 USD


The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe rests gently on its wide bowl as if levitating, with plenty of volume for smoke to swirl and cool as each draw is cleared. The extra wide flower bowl of the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe allows smoke to swirl and cool within the glass before inhalation, while providing a sizeable bowl for group sessions.

The Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe is 1" H x 4.25" L x 2" W 

CO2-Neutral label for Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

This product may only be used with legal smoking materials and is not intended for use with tobacco products. Smoking may be harmful to your health. This product may not be sold to minors. This product has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration.

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